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refreshing freedom

Liberty Farm is space to breathe. It is your dog racing over field, creek and forest. It is the private, uncrowded paddock and ring as you relax with your horse. To come to Liberty is to experience the open air of country living.

welcome safety

Liberty Farm is comfort and peace. It is quality care for your best friend (canine or equine) and peace of mind for you. It is the reassuring steps of CHA certified horsemanship lessons. To come to Liberty is to experience the drop-your-guard smile of a well-trained golden retriever rushing to greet you.

relentless integrity

Liberty Farm is holistic health. It is meticulously clean paddocks. It is diligent research for exceptional nutrition & longevity.  It is a dogged commitment to breeding the healthiest puppies. It is canine and equine therapy for body, mind and spirit. To come to Liberty is to pursue life to full.


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25027 Robertson Crescent, Aldergrove,

British Columbia

Call us at 604 786 2570

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