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Health & safety for your best friend. Peace of mind for you.

"I’m travelling and Molly needs a safe place to stay."

Leaving home for a business trip or a vacation often means trusting someone else to care for your best friend. Will she be healthy? Will she get proper exercise? Will they treat her like I do?

We invite you to consider Liberty Farm’s in-home dog boarding for your pet’s home away from home. That’s right, we’re not a cage or a kennel – we’re a home.


"Shift work makes it difficult to keep up with Marlin's health and exercise."

Swing shift, night shift, 4 on 4 off… work patterns can be stressful. That's why coming home to your dog's warm welcome is such a relief!

For the days you’re away, a stay at Liberty Farm can keep your best friend’s health, exercise and sleep schedule consistent. Energized rather than stressed, they’ll be ready and excited to come home and cuddle or play on your days off.

"I'm moving and renovating – it's made Chase really stressed."

Dogs are naturally emotional creatures and are easily affected by anxiety. Major disruptions to their living space can be especially difficult.


Boarding your pet in a calm space during these times is a lot healthier for them. It also makes life easier for you as you finish the move or renovations.


When life gets in the way of your pet’s best care…


Dog Boarding at $55 per night

Acres of Exercise

Nutrition & Health

Bark Room

A cozy space to lounge, rest and sleep. During their stay here, the farmhouse living room belongs to our boarders. They even get exclusive use of the couches.


Based on your directions we keep up with your dog's dietary and medical needs. No additional fees for administering meds or specified dietary needs (within reason).

What canine doesn’t dream of a weekend as a farm dog? They'll enjoy walks, playtime and more across 5 acres of field, forest and barnyard.

Exclusive Boarding

Feels Like Home

Near the Airport


For safety, we accept a maximum of 4 dogs at a time & carefully screen for health & compatibility.


We treat your dog like one of our own. We may not be able to match your home... but we'll sure try!


We’re an 18 minute country drive from Abbotsford International Airport. And even closer to Aldergrove's farm & wine tours!



Explore the grounds and rooms of Liberty Farm's in-home dog boarding.


For questions, quotes or simply to learn more.


Let's see if Liberty Farm is a good fit.  *All new dogs must come for a brief tour/visit to be approved prior to 1st stay.

"Liberty Farm provides us with the total comfort of knowing our pup was being thoughtfully looked after! Charlie was knowledgeable, open, warm, and entirely trustworthy."

 - Taylor 

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