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One-on-One with a Certified Instructor in a Quiet & Private Setting.

Horsemanship builds trust.

By building a relationship with a horse, and gaining their trust, we grow in our confidence and leadership skills. A horse never lies, and it is only when he or she trusts that you will keep them safe, that they will willingly follow your lead. Its through this leadership journey with the horse that we are transformed personally.

Horsemanship engages your mind & your heart.

Learning the language of the horse is rewarding.  As you grow in your horsemanship skills you're not only learning more about your horse, but yourself, as you work together to overcome various obstacles. The most beneficial part of horse riding is the bond built between horse and rider, and the joy that comes from developing that relationship.


Why Horsemanship?

Meet Your Certified Instructor


Charlotte has been involved with horses for over 30 years. She initially became certified as an instructor in 2017 because she wanted to safely instruct the children that her and her husband were providing respite for in the foster system. Getting certified was absolutely rewarding for Charlotte as she loves being able to share horses with others.


Changing Lives through Safe Experience with Horses (

CHA Mission: to promote excellence in Horsemanship safety and education for the entire horse industry.


Certification: English Level 1, EWI Instructor Level, and Western Level 1.

Our Philosophy

All lessons are rooted in both Traditional and Natural Horsemanship. Traditional horsemanship is primarily about safety and the mechanics of how to ride a horse with the tools with which we can control them (ex. halter & leadrope, bridle & saddle, etc). Natural Horsemanship is approaching the horse through understanding its psychology. A horse is a prey animal, and safety and rest are its foremost priorities and motivation. When we understand that and learn to lead a horse by proving to him that we are a safe leader, we gain the horse's trust and in turn become a more confident leader. Leadership is about knowledge, skills and confidence. My goal, that you enjoy the journey of becoming a trusted leader for your horse.


 Private Intro Natural Horsemanship Foundation Lesson (2 hrs)

Lessons At Liberty Farm

Lessons will be offered on horses that are most appropriate for the experience and confidence of the rider.

Because safety is our number one priority, all lessons for beginners and novice riders are private.


Our program focuses on safety, knowledge, leadership, and of course fun! Through interaction with horses kids and adults develop:

  • Horsemanship skills

  • Self awareness

  • Empathy

  • Assertiveness

  • Self Control

  • Decision-Making & Problem Solving Skills

  • Creative Thinking

  • Resiliency

What to Wear: when taking lessons, please wear long pants, and flat soled boots with a low heel so they can easily slip out of stirrups.

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