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what is a mastador?

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The Mastador is a hybrid of the English Mastiff and Labrador Retriever from quality parents and grandparents. Mastadors are a great family dog that are friendly with a protective nature…bringing together the best attributes from both breeds. They are fun loving, gentle giants that are highly intelligent, and sweet natured. They enjoy close companionship, are very loyal, and make wonderful companions for families or singles.

Labrador Retrievers have an enduring reputation for gentle temperament, ease of handling and training, intelligence and loyalty.

English Mastiffs are a wonderful, stately breed that combines large size and strength with strong loyalty, gentleness and affection, all wrapped up in a beautiful, calm demeanor.

These two breeds pass on the best traits to their offspring, giving us a mixture of gentle and protective. These sweet natured dogs are strongly loyal and are protective of family, They are excellent guardians. The Mastador is not a new breed, they have been around a while--the dog in the 1957 Disney movie "Old Yeller" was a Mastador! Affectionate and playful, intelligent, loyal and protective...what could be better in a best friend?

Our dogs are given an incredibly solid foundation with early Neurological stimulation and extensive socialization. (google “Super dogs are made not born” you will get an idea of the kinds of things we do to get our puppies ready for life with their new families.) By the time you take your puppy home, they will have already started potty training as well as obedience training.


Puppies are hand raised in our home and not in a kennel. We put countless hours into each puppy so that they have the best possible start in life. The first 12 weeks of a puppy's life is a critical window, when taken advantage of, it opens the door for a dog’s potential to be unleashed. We give you the tools to pick up where we left off.

Our dogs come from established healthy lines and are bred for temperament and health with longevity in mind.

Each puppy comes with... a one-year health guarantee against genetic defects and lifetime support. A health and immunization record. A welcome home gift bag loaded with important information on getting your puppy started in your home, and a sample schedule for the first few months of their life. Puppies will have their first immunizations and be dewormed.

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We take responsibility for every puppy. We will take them back at any age for any reason and re-home them. Our commitment is to never have one of our Mastadors in an animal shelter.  Liberty Farm is one of the only places in Canada that is breeding Mastador Puppies.

We work closely with each puppy for the crucial first 8-12 weeks of their life, ensuring they are well socialized with people and dogs.  This is a critical window of time that, when gently taken advantage of, helps prepare puppies to be more confident and resilient and enables them to unleash more of their puppy potential!

When fully grown, our Mastadors are definitely a large breed. Females are 85-110 pounds and males 100-140 pounds. They are intelligent and easy to train. Most pups are able to catch onto the basics of potty training after just 3 days! The Mastador is most like a Labrador in temperament and disposition, with a protective nature.

They do require lots of time, consistency and attention when they are puppies.  They need exercise and firm boundaries. If your boundaries are not clear or you are a pushover and not the one in charge, you will have trouble fast.  They are too smart for you to be lazy in your time, training and attention. It will get them into trouble or cause trouble because they are bored and will become insecure if they do not know who is in charge.

They have been trained to eliminate on wood shavings. This way, you can put a handful of these shavings in the area in your yard you want them to “do their business" and they will go to that spot. 


how do I go about reserving a puppy?


Our puppies are $2000 cdn. We require a $500 deposit to reserve a puppy. This deposit is non-refundable (except in the case that the puppy you reserved becomes unavailable through sickness, death or injury). We do accept deposits before a litter is born, and maintain a waiting list for each litter. Before being put on a waiting list, you must be "approved" by us either by phone or email. The criteria for that are explained below.

The waiting list puts you on a priority list for a litter. Since we want to provide the absolute best matches between puppy and owner we are very purposeful in our matching process and actually dont do picking merely by colour.  We believe dogs, like people have personalities and temperaments, so matching a puppy with similar temperament and drive to their owner is very important to us.  We have had very positive results this way.   We can of course prioritize whether male or female, but our first priority is to find the best match possible for you and your family.  

Baby Girl

before placing a deposit

We do have a questionnaire (see bottom of page). Before we put you on a waiting list, we have a few questions we need to ask, just to make sure our puppies are a good fit with your family. The most important one has to do with your daily routine. Is there a person or another dog that is home all day during the day? We have a strict policy that we do not sell a puppy into a home where he or she will be left alone for several hours each day. Mastadors are very social dogs, puppies especially. They are babies, and simply cannot be left alone for hours at a time. We'd be happy to explain that policy in detail over the phone. There are no exceptions made for this rule.

picking a puppy

The pups cannot be handled until they are at least 6 weeks old. This is when their immune systems become a little more robust and their personalities begin to emerge.  Before that time you can watch from a distance, interacting with us and with each other, and meet the parents, you just can't handle them. 

We take photos at birth and at 2-3 weeks when eyes are opened and post them. These are group shots.  At 5 weeks the puppies' personalities just begin to emerge.  Just like people, puppies have temperaments that vary.  There is a process we go through to match the right puppy to their new owner. We want to make sure there is a great fit.   This is why simply picking by color preference is not something we do.  The picking process order is determined by your position on the waiting list, as explained above. 

Waking up from a nap

Puppies are not released to their new homes before the age of 9 weeks.


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